The kneeling chair is perfect for those who enjoy surfing the Net or work in an office. Giving you the perfect posture when sitting for long periods of time reduces the risk of back pain in later life.

    Kneeling chairs are also excellent for those suffering from back pain as the improved posture relieves the strain on the lower back, often providing instant relief.

    prices from £109.00

  • Kneeling Chair Work Stations

    The kneeling chair is designed to give you the perfect posture. It is ideal for those who enjoy handicrafts such as needlework and tapestry, or for just relaxing in front of the telly.

    We also manufacture and supply a range of accessories for our kneeling chair such as quilting & tapestry stands and a versatile table ideal for your laptop, lunch or any other task at hand.

  • Kneeling Chair Stands and Frames

    We manufacture the most comfortable kneeling chairs available and give you the option of using memory foam for the cushions offering increased comfort.

    We do not believe in 'one size fits all'. Our kneeling chairs are available in a variety of sizes to provide the perfect fit.

    You can also choose from twenty two different fabric coverings to match your home or office décor perfectly. We also offer the option of wheels, castors or neither.

  • Flag

    Flying the flag for British Manufacturing! All our Sit Kneel Chairs are designed and made here in the UK.

  • Red chair

    Flying the flag for British Manufacturing! All our Sit Kneel Chairs are designed and made here in the UK.

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Introducing the Kneeling Chair from Sit Kneel Chairs

If you suffer from pain in the lower back, shoulders or neck after sitting for long periods of time, you need to think about improving your posture. Poor posture is common for many office workers and this often results in backache.

The short term remedy for backache is painkillers and the long term remedy is often a referral to a chiropractor. However neither of these ‘remedies’ address the root cause of poor posture; being the way you sit and the chair you sit on.

For this reason, the ‘sit/kneel’ chair was developed in the late 1970′s and since then it has helped many people with postural problems and backache to sit, work and relax in complete comfort. However the ‘sit/kneel’ chair is not designed solely for those who suffer with backache, it’s designed for everyone!

We are a small family business who specialise in making Kneeling Chairs, or Posture Chairs as they are often called. What makes our kneeling chairs unique is that we do not manufacture a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kneeling chair. Instead, we create a range of sizes so you can get the perfect fit regardless of whether you are tall or short in stature.

All our kneeling chairs and accessories are available to buy online and are dispatched direct from our workshop in order to offer you the best quality and the best price.